An incredible couples therapy option is called Marathon Couples Therapy.  You have the option to do a one-day or three-day marathon, with six hours of therapy each day. Personally, I highly recommend the three-day marathon.

What's great about Marathon Couples Therapy is that it allows you to really dig deep and address the struggles and challenges in your relationship in a way that traditional couples therapy might not. You'll have the time and space to talk about past hurts that may have never fully healed, and really understand how those wounds have affected your relationship. Plus, you'll learn and practice new communication skills that can help you have more productive conversations and rebuild your connection.

One thing I love about Marathon Couples Therapy is that the therapist creates a safe space for both partners, treating you with dignity and respect without any judgment. It's truly a transformative experience that can be life-changing for couples who go through it.

On top of the emotional benefits, Marathon Couples Therapy also offers some practical advantages. It's perfect for couples who want intensive therapy but might not live near a Certified Gottman Therapist. It's also a great option for couples with busy schedules that don't allow for weekly therapy sessions. And if you need help right away, Marathon Couples Therapy is perfect for that too.

Overall, I highly recommend considering Marathon Couples Therapy if you and your partner are looking for a unique and effective way to work through your relationship challenges. It's been an incredible experience for many couples, and it mig


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